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Give Home Goods Buyers The Shopping Experience They Need

The future of wholesale is here. Discover how JOOR delivers efficiencies, intelligence, and revenue growth for home brands.

Why Choose JOOR home growth category

Why Choose JOOR?

Home Category Growth

  • 71% increase in Home orders and 55% increase in average order size in 2021
  • 164% increase in Home wholesale transaction volume in the past year
  • Over 37,000 new connections made between Home brands and retailers


  • Unparalleled Network: 13,300+ brands & 380,000+ retailers
  • Global Reach: 12 offices worldwide service clients in 150 countries
  • Flexibility: our platform supports 135 currencies
  • Support System: we're your partners, invested in seeing your business thrive

Amplify your brand & extend your reach

Powerful Digital Presence Home Brands

A Powerful Digital Presence

  • Express your brand with a Custom Profile page and best-in-class visual assets including hi-resolution imagery, 3D renderings and engaging video
  • Create a dynamic virtual showroom available for buyers to shop 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Easily personalize what each retailer sees based on who is logging in
JOOR | Платформа для управления оптовыми продажами

Collaborate Whether In-Person or Not

  • Leverage our mobile apps to build assortments and place orders in physical showrooms
  • Use our cloud-based desktop platform to collaborate virtually with partners around the world
  • Benefit from innovative product enhancements like The Edit and Styleboards to build assortments, select favorite items, and finalize orders
Virtual Showroom Joor home brands

Industry Leading Virtual Showrooms

  • Bring your brand to life with a Custom Profile that's uniquely yours
  • Deliver best-in-class visual assets with unlimited images per style, integrated 3D renderings, and engaging video
  • Browse our database of retailers, and connect and communicate with ease using in-platform messaging features
Join JOOR order management

Advanced Order Management & Analytics

  • Streamline your process with bulk invoicing and cancel/replace functionality
  • Utilize real-time data and flexible reporting to understand your business at a glance
  • Capitalize on Discovery Dashboard and see who has viewed or favorited your profile, to identify new business opportunities
Joor customer service

Customer Service

  • Satisfied Clients: we earn 96% customer satisfaction score
  • Dedicated Team: we're available 24/7, around the world
  • No Waiting: we have an average response time of 20 seconds
Joor Sustainability

Green is the New Black

  • Digital showrooms and tradeshows have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than physical events
  • Virtual wholesale reduces carbon emissions from shipping of goods and air travel
  • Virtual showrooms reduce the need for multiple sample sets, increasing sustainability while reducing expenses

Мировые лидеры отрасли доверяют JOOR





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Для дома


Безграничные возможности


wholesale transaction volume


products sold


New connections made between brands & retailers

Революция в оптовых продажах

Истории успеха

JOOR | Платформа для управления оптовыми продажами

We couldn't be more happy with the JOOR platform. We have been receiving a ton of positive feedback. Our JOOR reps have been there along the way to provide any and all help when needed. Their customer service has been fantastic. We are confident that we chose the right partner and really look forward to the future with them.

JOOR | Платформа для управления оптовыми продажами
Director of creative marketing
JOOR | Платформа для управления оптовыми продажами

С тех пор как мы начали использовать платформу JOOR наши оптовые продажи увеличились вдвое. JOOR — незаменимый инструмент укрепляющий отношения с нашими розничными клиентами, а также упрощающий и ускоряющий выполнение повседневных задач.

JOOR | Платформа для управления оптовыми продажами
JOOR | Платформа для управления оптовыми продажами

Отношения с брендами — один из секретов успеха компании Neiman Marcus. Платформа JOOR помогла оптимизировать процессы оптовых продаж и отлично подходит для совместного поиска с брендами-партнерами стиля, который наиболее удачно впишется в наш ассортимент.

JOOR | Платформа для управления оптовыми продажами
Старший управляющий, DMM Fine Apparel
JOOR | Платформа для управления оптовыми продажами
JOOR | Платформа для управления оптовыми продажами

Accelerate your brand’s growth with a powerful digital partner. Let JOOR help you amplify your brand, maximize buyer interactions, and grow your business.

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